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Assistance with the tax and social security authorities

Our lawyers negotiate rulings with the tax and social authorities, and represent our clients during inspections or disputes. When necessary, they intervene in the implementation of the necessary corrections. They assist our clients during controls by the inspection services, prepare these visits and negotiate with the inspectors. If necessary, our lawyers also represent our clients legally if the authorities take action before courts.

Corporate governance

Managers and Company Directors hold a specific position, when it comes to remuneration. Our lawyers introduce, together with our clients, attractive remuneration systems which encourage achieving results and considering the "corporate governance" rules. Our lawyers also explore the conditions and the benefits of setting up a (management)company.

International mobility

Although companies are sometimes confronted with the ever-increasing mobility of their staff, they do not always have the internal resources nor the necessary expertise to manage all aspects involved (tax, immigration, social security law, labour law). Our lawyers advise our clients in proposing appropriate approach (expatriation, posting, transfer, salary split, special tax regimes...). They also assist the companies and their executives with the fulfilment of their legal, fiscal and social obligations (tax calculations, tax returns preparation, application for work permits, prior declarations/rulings, social documents…). They design cost-effective, tax efficient and compliant solutions related to international mobility issues.

Salary and rewards

Our lawyers have a comprehensive expertise and experience in the area of legal, social and fiscal treatment of wages (fixed, variable, extra-legal), benefits in kind and reimbursements of expenses. They offer our clients detailed audits of their remuneration policy. In this context they verify the compliance with the legislation and identify the practices which should be adapted. Our lawyers also offer flexible solutions which consider the specific needs of the employers and the actual expectations of their staff.

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