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Information technology

IT is at the center of every modern business. Good management of IT procedures and needs is thus a matter of essential importance. Also, e-commerce is all over nowadays.

We assist businesses and public entities in their related projects, such as:

  • (out)sourcing projects
  • Databases and licenses
  • Website compliance and regulatory aspects
  • Electronic billing and signatures
  • Liability questions for Internet players
  • Electronic communications services and networks
  • Blockchain and smart contracts 

Intellectual property

During the last years, immaterial assets are getting more and more important in a fast developing knowledge based economic environment. Various regimes (patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret etc.) can be combined if the specific protection conditions are met.

We assist our clients (individuals, business players and public entities) on various related aspects, such as:

  • The proper transfer of rights
  • The enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • The tax incentives

Privacy and Data Protection

Effective management of privacy issues and protection of (personal) data have become a priority for everyone (individuals, business players and public entities), notably because of increasingly complex national and international legislations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Regulation.

We assist our clients on various related aspects, such as:

  • Structures for the management and processing of (personal) data, notably with data processors (e.g. payroll service providers or cloud providers)
  • Internet and email use in the workplace
  • Complying with requests/orders for personal data by regulators or in court proceedings
  • Enforceable privacy policies (e.g. BYOD)
  • Data breaches
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Big data and reuse of (public) information
  • Data subjects rights (e.g. freedom of expression or right of personal portrayal)

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