Bernard CARIS


Specialist in Business Immigration
Languages : NL/FR/ENG
Tel : +32 2 880 77 98
Fax : +32 2 880 77 81
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Bernard has a licentiate in law from the Catholic University of Leuven (1993) and holds an additional licentiate in tax law from the University of Brussels (1994).

His practice is focused on business immigration. He assists clients with applying for work permits/single permits/EU Blue Cards (employees), professional cards (self-employed), visa and residence permits, …, always taking into account the overall situation (tax and social security consequences, long term residence, citizenship, …).

Bernard is a regular speaker about business immigration at conferences organized by IBA (International Bar Association), AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association), and CILS (Center for International Legal Studies). He has written several articles in this practice area. Since 2005 “Who's Who Legal: Corporate Immigration” recognizes him as a specialist in the field of business immigration.

He is the Belgian member of ABIL (Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers), an international network (22 countries) of specialist business immigration lawyers. He is also a member (International Associate) of AILA GMS (Global Migration Section).


  • Belgian chapter of the ABIL (Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers) book “Global Business Immigration Practice Guide (editions 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015)

  • Belgian chapter of book “The Corporate Immigration Review” (editions 2011 and 2012)

  • Answers to FAQ for Belgium in book “AILA’s Global Immigration Guide: A Country-by-Country Survey” (edition 2005)


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  • "Webinar Covid-19 : La COVID-19 et l’impact sur les rémunérations et les avantages acquis des travailleurs / COVID-19 en de impact op de bezoldigingen en de verworven voordelen van de werknemers”, Younity, 6 October 2020

  • "Belgian business immigration: Covid-19 impact" AILA GMS (American Immigration Lawyers Association - Global Migration Section) webinar, 14 April 2020

  • "Survival tips for small firms in a world of global immigration conglomerates" AILA GMS/CILS (Center for international Legal Studies), "Opportunities and Challenges in the Future of Global Immigration Law Practice", 6-9 February 2020

  • "European Union migration in a global context: labour demand, international cooperation and nationalist pressures" IBA (International Bar Association), 9th Biennial Global Immigration Conference, 30 October-1 November 2019

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  • “Managers, executives and highly skilled workers” AILA, 2004 Global Immigration Summit, 30 September-2 October 2004

  • “The Geneva Convention in Europe: past and future” IBA, Annual Conference, 20-25 October 2002

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