Sébastien ROGER


Specialist in Employment Law
Languages : FR/EN
Tel : +32 2 880 77 98
Fax : +32 2 880 77 81
E-mail : sebastien.roger@younity.be
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Sébastien Roger has been a lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 1999.

He assists and appears in court on behalf of national and international clientele in cases involving (individual and collective) employment law and social security.

Apart from issues linked to the performance and termination of employment contracts, Sébastien particularly deals with questions linked to contractual transfers of undertakings and the dismissal of protected workers. He advises and assists companies undergoing restructuring, whether or not that involves collective lay-offs or closures.

He has written a number of publications in the field of social law, particularly unemployment with company top-up (previously “contractual early pension”) and interest on pay. He has also written a number of articles in a periodical directed towards HR professionals. He has been a guest professor at Impact Cooremans.

Sébastien holds a licentiate in law from the University of Brussels (ULB, 1998) and an additional licentiate (D.E.S.) in social law from that university (1999).


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  • S. ROGER et C. WANTIEZ, "Intérêts sur le brut": l'article 82 de la loi du 26 juin 2002 [relative aux fermetures d'entreprises]”

    J.T.T., 2003, liv. 848, 57-58


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